Trekking Tour

Trekking Tour

Communing With the Bodhisattvas of Wisdom and Compassion

Following the Pathways of 7th-century Masters Jajang & Uisang; Experiencing Buddhist, Neo-Confucian and Shamanic Sites and Teachings in the Spectacular Mountains of Northeastern Korea




  • Discovery of four famous mountainous parks with stunning landscapes and grand, profound, holy temples; along with a historic city and a special temple on the sea-cliffs with waves crashing below

  • Six great and visually-spectacular spiritual and cultural complexes of Korea not far from each other in scenic Gangwon-do Province, near the East Coast – Sobaek-san National Park,Taebaek-san Provincial Park, Gangneung City, Odae-san National Park, Nak-san Provincial Park , and ,Seorak-san National Park

  • Great Buddhist, Neo-Confucian and Shamanic sites in each of those complexes, with traditional architecture & artworks (many of them national treasures)

  • Including, three unique Stupas enshrining Buddha-sarira (relics) brought to Korea by Master Jajang in the 600s – the holiest sites in Korea

  • Opportunities to learn some of the philosophy and practices of Zen Buddhism, Avatamsaka Buddhism, Neo-Confucianism and Shamanism, and how they interact within traditional Korean Culture; with emphasis on the teachings of Great Masters Jajang, Uisang and Yulgok

  • TempleStay, the unique-to-Korea 24-hour experience of monastic life, teachings & practices in a major Buddhist monastery

  • Great Korean food in a healthful and revitalizing atmosphere and experience of the beauty of traditional Korean “hanok” housing

  • Quiet time to walk, meditate, imbibe yourself of the unique beauty, peace, energy and magical character of these special sites


Choose from a Complete (10 day), Moderate (8 day) or Short (6 day) Tour.


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